How to reinstate tax-exempt status if revoked?
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If your organization's tax-exempt status gets revoked automatically, you will have to submit an application with the IRS to get your status reinstated. 
Here are a few steps on how you can reinstate your tax-exempt status:

  • You have to submit a new application with the IRS.
  • 501(c)(3) organizations must apply for recognition of tax exemption using Form 1023, while all the other organizations should apply using Form 1024.
  • You should mention "automatically revoked" at the top of the form before sending it to the IRS.
  • You have to file all the income tax returns and pay the required taxes from the date of your revocation to the date your reinstatement is approved. 

If you can show a reasonable cause for not filing your 990 return, you can avoid paying the required taxes or filing the income tax returns for the period your tax-exempt status was revoked.

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